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A Lifestyle Brand For Dads Is Born

While my wife was pregnant, I was eager to prepare for fatherhood but found that almost nothing spoke to me as a dad. The books, the advice columns, the gear, the clothing -- most of it didn’t focus on fathers with any seriousness. It was as if my strong emotions -- all the joy, all the love, the worry -- weren’t valid or respected. 

When my son was a newborn I was lucky to have parental leave from my job to be his primary caretaker. It was simultaneously the most rewarding moment of my life and the toughest.

Conversations with my friends who were new dads and research I conducted confirmed that I wasn’t alone. Dads are more active and loving as ever in childcare. But, feeling ignored and undervalued, 84% of millennial dads wish parenting related companies better understood their needs. That’s when Father Figure, a lifestyle brand to support and inspire dads, was born. -- Andrew Bentley, Founder, CEO

Founder Bio - Andrew Bentley

I'm a full-time dad to a boy who giggles a lot. Before becoming a full-time dad, I spent time in both the private and nonprofit sectors. At Google, I worked on the Google Fiber Community Impact Team that partners with governments and nonprofits to help bridge the digital divide. I'm also a Co-Founder of Global Health Corps, a nonprofit that trains and mobilizes young leaders around the world to improve health access and outcomes since 2008. I spent nearly two of my ten years at Google living and working in Brasil, working in online advertising and sales. I also worked on the 2008 Obama campaign In Ohio. I live in Brooklyn. I graduated from Northwestern University. I was born and raised in Madison, WI.



Public-Benefit Corporation

As a public benefit corporation (PBC), working towards positive social change is in our DNA. Our mission, to strengthen the loving bond between fathers and their children, is infused in everything we do -- including product design, community building and partnering with nonprofits.

Our first partnership is with Father’s Incorporated, one of the nation’s leading responsible fatherhood nonprofits. Father’s Incorporated’s objective is to help fathers and children connect, raise awareness of the need for positive father involvement, and educate men and women about the importance of healthy father-child relationships.

Made In USA

We're proud our products are made in the USA. 

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